the robe-ing room

this is redonk.
ways in which it is redonk:
1. yes its been a week, maybe two. dayum i need to write more, its just been exceptionally busy. fun things, family, theatre, the smell of bagels in the morning, parties, raves, raves in caves, sunburn, travelling, lots of Ryanair stress, and the true nightmare that is filling out all the forms and paying off bills and tracking down an ermine hood for my college GRADUATION..

2. its also redonk because, bloody hell, ITS MY GRADUATION. i'm old. i'm qualified (kind of..). I'M A GODDAMN DOCTOR OF JOURNALISM! (not really, though i did get a 2:1, with which i am fairly happy).

3. i'm going back to Ireland. to any English Englings reading this, know that i'l be back very soon, whether in a more long term capacity, or in a 'i'm just here for the weekend to visit Brick Lane and see Grace Jones' kind of way. but we shall be reunited. and not at that silly 'Mugdalenites' annual lunch. something better:)

4. the last but not least ridiculous thing is the ceremony itself. Dr Hughes, my DOS, last night described the ceremony as 'kinky'. i'm forced to agree:) you pull the head of the university's finger as he mutters something in Latin. four others do the same at the same time. then you receive a piece of paper with 'BA' written on it, but not the title or class of your degree.

all very quaint. but my main problem is the dress code. it is bakingly hot in Cambridge. baking, and we wear black and white and long sleeves and robes on top. and on top of the robes we wear the 'BA Hood'. the BA Hood is a coveted item and the subject of a university-wide scam; in the run-up to graduation, the four main university outfitters put it about that they have run out of hoods, in the hope that you'll invest in a £75 version out of sheer desperation. i must admit i nearly did. but then i heard about a last minute 'robeing room' in the Guild Hall, where you can go up to this embarrassing little confession booth, i mean concession booth, and two middle aged guys from Ede and Ravenscroft will good-naturedly take the piss out of you and charge £15 for a rental.

it was with great relief that i finally tracked down the ermine hood (actually made of synthetic fur. at least i don't graduate with the moral guilt of killing rodents..). but now there;'s the problem of how the hell do you actually wear it?? i've made a video to illustrate. there are several ways, i've discovered. none of them seem right.


anyways, to all my darling Englings, to everyone who has influenced me and helped me and even just met up with me once in a while for pizza and semi-obscene cartoon films about cats, THANK YOU. and good luck. and thank you. and i am certain, absolutely certain, that i'll be seeing you again very soon.

ps. a very detailed article on the perils of arranging academic hoods can be found here

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